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How to create a profile for practice

Certainly the diary of the student, their practice is characteristic of a leader. This may be a stand-alone document, which is annexed to the report on the production and pre-diploma practice.

How to create a profile for practice

Instruction create profile for practice

Step 1:

To the content characteristics must meet certain requirements. It must include accurate information about the location of practice, information about the company or organization and its details. Begin it can, for example, as follows: "During the course of practice of" Agoekos "(business address, phone numbers) student ...".

Step 2:

The characteristics indicate the time required for practice. They can be located in any place characteristics, for example, in the header portion ". Characteristics of the student Ivanov II, practical work in the company" Spruce "from 18.06.2010 till 30.07.2010g."

Step 3:

The response should include the duties of the student-trainee. For example, "The duties of a trainee Sidorova MI included drafting loan agreements, verification of the information provided customer design archival documents."

Step 4:

Then you need to include an item on the student gained practical skills and theoretical knowledge in the course of practice. For example, "students learn the production structure of the company, learned the principles of the document, the procedure for reporting."

Step 5:

After that summarizes the results of the student, and a grade for it: "The management of" GRADSTROY "appreciates the work of the student Sidorov, MI All tasks performed by him in the period, the quality of performance of the work has been observed. The results of the student's work deserves an "excellent".

Step 6:

The characterization is also necessary to note the professional quality of trainee ( "competent in the financial sector, is interested in the documentation has negotiating skills Artist"), as well as personal data ( "sociable, friendly, quickly found a common language with the team, disciplined").

Step 7:

Ends signature feature, the date and the seal of the head of the practice of the organization.