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How to decorate the school yard

Schoolyard is occupied, as a rule, quite a vast territory, and it must be used wisely. If school officials worried about the appearance of their institutions, health and good spirits of students and staff, try to offer him a school yard beautification project.

How to decorate the school yard

You will need:

- Materials for the repair and reconstruction; - Seeds and seedlings.

Instruction how to decorate the school yard

Step 1:

Inspect the condition of the area around the school, conduct soil analysis, topographical survey, hydrology of the site, analyze the state of the roads, the existing vegetation. In addition, great importance is the degree of illumination of different areas at different times of the day.

Step 2:

Think how convenient location fences and roads around the school. It may be able to guide the school to change their location. As a rule, no track can be seen immediately on the trail, passing right through the lawn. If you still want to break a flower bed at the same place, take care of higher safety fence or plant bushy shrubs.

Step 3:

Pay attention to the school playground. Offer guidance to include in the painting shells plan layout treadmills, filling sand pit for long jump, the installation of new basketball, football goal, etc. Please note that funds for this purpose should be laid down in the school budget in advance.

Step 4:

Pay attention to greening school site, it can deal with both the school staff and students. Come up with a system of incentives to all of it was interesting to work and decorate the yard. In advance take care of the seeds and seedlings, the funds for their purchase and must be planned in the budget of the school.

Step 5:

Make a planting plan. Thus consider the already existing plantations, the degree of illumination of different areas, the possibility of watering, etc. When you create flower beds use all the rules of landscape design: combine plants by color, height, flowering time, etc.

Step 6:

Before school, try to plant the plants, flowering which occurs at the beginning of September (marigolds, marigolds, Cosmo, irises, asters, sage, cloves), as it was in those days the children go to school and very elegant facade lift all spirits. In addition, the way will be a bird cherry and lilac bushes that bloom just in the final days, and recent calls.