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How to draw the correct ticket for the exam

Going to the exam, of course, it is best to rely on their own strength and learn everything. But it also happens that the student is literally living a dream about how to pull a particular ticket. The chances, of course, not so much, but worth a try.

How to draw the correct ticket for the exam

Instruction how to pull the right ticket for exam

Step 1:

In numerology, lucky to be odd numbers, especially 3 and 7. Therefore, pulling a ticket, try to take it into account. Do not take the second, fourth, or any other card with an even edge. Even numbers have negative energy, particularly for susceptible individuals, they can even block information, which until then was kept in the memory reliably. Rely on intuition, always take the ticket that attracted the first time.

Step 2:

You should not just want to pull the desired ticket and know exactly what you will get it. Imagine that you have got the right question, often repeat to myself the phrase: "I have such a ticket". If you know his number, before pulling a ticket, try a bright and clear picture of the desired number.

Step 3:

This method is not very reliable, but occasionally works (especially if your class or group passes the exam first). It is possible that the examiner just put all in order, not bothering to stir tickets. Some originals can arrange them in a checkerboard pattern. If you know what you can expect from a man of such an act, try to take the risk. Maybe luck will smile to you!

Step 4:

We can hope for good luck, but you can go on a little trick, but for that you need the help of comrades. Those who know the subject well (or have a good cheat sheet) enter the classroom first. Pulling a ticket, your friend has to peep discreetly questions in one of the tickets on the table and somehow mark it (corner bend). After that, he wrote you sms, which tells you which questions are contained in a folded ticket. You immediately refresh in the memory of the necessary information, and feel free to go to take the exam. This method is good in that case, in fact learn from scratch what you did not know quite difficult if you are able to recite any understanding of exam questions.