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How to Draw the structure

structures are often used for the graphical representation of information. They are most emphatically and clearly show the connection between the elements of the structure and the hierarchy between them. Data structure facilitates the perception and help to carry out their analysis.

How to Draw the structure

You will need:

- paper; - Pencil; - Line; - A pen or a graphic computer program.

Instruction how to depict the structure of

Step 1:

Determine the type of the future structure, depending on how the elements of the structure must be placed. Choose the node with the designated structure, or a layered structure, which is based on a single element.

Step 2:

Analyze detailed information about the components of the structure, identify the data that you will reflect in the structure.

Step 3:

Develop conditional classification, based on where you will be placing and grouping elements of the structure. Define, for example, on what basis will be created due subordination.

Step 4:

Decide how structural elements are arranged relative to one another, at equidistant distance, close, or they partly overlap each other.

Step 5:

Begin to build on top of the structure. Place the equivalent elements of the same level. Under them should be members with less than a high position in the hierarchy. Of course you can group items with a common attribute, or one belonging to a higher element.

Step 6:

Allowed structure elements in rectangles, ovals or other geometrical figures. Proportionality is observed when creating elements.

Step 7:

The arrows or straight lines mark the relationships between elements. Show the connection between one element of a higher level and are under them subordinate elements. Also draw a connection between the elements located on the same horizontal, if the relationship between them is.

Step 8:

Create specific communication indicated, for example, a dotted line to show a special relationship between the elements.

Step 9:

Check whether you can keep track of the hierarchy of the resulting structure between the elements and see all the relationships between the components of the structure.