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How to enroll in a German university

Lyrical hero known song lamented the fact that he, the martyr of science, it is necessary to study in the French side, on an alien planet. Modern students are not so choosy and willing to go abroad to study. Many are attracted by German universities: education is free, even for foreigners, academic freedom and teaching makes it possible to earn money. In addition, universities and institutions in Germany, of which more than 300, is famous for its classical traditions of teaching.

How to enroll in a German university

Instruction how to proceed to a German university

Step 1:

So, having aimed to definitely go to a German university, first of all, choose a training course or specialization, which will comprehend after enrollment. Note that in Germany you can learn everything in a literal sense. However, remember that some specialty foreigners take reluctantly, because These departments are usually popular among the Germans themselves. This faculty, students of medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, law, architecture, psychology and biology.

Step 2:

Enrollment in the German university is only possible on the results of a test on the knowledge of the German language. Certificates DaF, DSH, KDS, GDS can be obtained directly at the selected University and Russia, for example, Goethe Institute in Moscow. To test is to prepare in advance, take them seriously. Fortunately, in most universities in Germany, there are free or low-cost German courses, where you can pull up knowledge and to practice it.

Step 3:

Choose a university or institute. It is advisable to apply to multiple schools, 5 or 10 pre-verify timing of receiving the documents, but usually begins training twice a year - in spring and autumn, and the need to apply 3-6 months before the start of training.

Step 4:

Be sure to find out in what form you need to submit documents whether transfers should be notarized documents or the German Embassy in Russia. It is not necessary to send the documents by regular mail, courier service will be more reliable, but more expensive.

Step 5:

Thus, filing documents and received a long-awaited invitation from the university, you are ready to obtain a visa. Sign up immediately to the embassy to submit the documents. Note the visa is issued within a month, sometimes longer. Consular fee of not less than 30 euros. Need the following documents: an invitation from the university, the three profiles on the visa, three photos 3,5h4,5sm, health insurance, proof of the financial viability of the applicant (an extract from the account, confirming the presence of not less than 7020 euros). Living wage in Germany - 585 euros per month.

Step 6:

It remains the case for small - to get to Germany. The need to arrive at the University at the invitation of the specified day. Lateness will not be accepted for any reason. Keep in mind that the use of the institution housing will be only after the registration, so think over where we left off in the first few days.

Step 7:

If you currently need to have all the necessary documents, the originals and certified translations, and health insurance. After registering in the school issue an insurance policy and register with the Office for Foreigners.