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How to enter the Customs Academy

Russian Customs Academy (PTA) is virtually the only institution in the country, prepares cadres customs profile. If you want to link their lives with this activity, it is necessary to do it in the PTA.

How to enter the Customs Academy

You will need:

- certificate; - Exam results.

Instruction how to proceed in the Customs Academy

Step 1:

For admission to the Customs Academy in the first step is to get a full general education, which will indicate the presence of the certificate.

Step 2:

All higher educational establishments accept students on a competitive basis according to the results of the exam. For students who have not yet passed the school uniform state exam, provided testing conducted by the university.

Step 3:

The Customs Academy mandatory for admission exams are Russian language and social studies, and the third item, depending on the specialty: physical education, mathematics, history.

Step 4:

To enter the places financed from the federal budget, it is necessary to prepare well for the exams.

Step 5:

To participate in the competition for admission must be submitted to the Academy papers. Need a passport and a copy of a certificate and a copy of the certificate of passing the exam with the copies of the statement, the photo size 3 * 4 cm. Post documents can be simultaneously on three areas of training.

Step 6:

If you passed the exam on time and submitted documents, it remains only to wait for the results of the contest.