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How to enter the Ministry of Internal Affairs in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg University of the Ministry of Interior prepares professionals for staffing the Interior Ministry, Internal Affairs Ministry of Internal Affairs bodies, units of the psychological service Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. Education there is a prestigious and promising choice. Candidates for admission may be young people between 16 and 22 years who have not passed military service. Also, those who have served, or military service under the contract, but has not reached 24 years.

How to enter the Ministry of Internal Affairs in St. Petersburg

Instruction how to proceed in the Ministry of Internal Affairs in St. Petersburg

Step 1:

Submit a report to the commander of the military part of the name is not less than 6 months before the screening tests. Enter your details in it, the name of the educational institution the Ministry of Interior, and the Department of specialty, on which you would like to learn.

Step 2:

Apply the necessary documents: • a curriculum vitae; • a description of the place of study or work; • a copy of the document of the state standard education; • the results of professional psychological selection; • Three certified 4,5x6 cm size photos; • special materials testing MVD and FSB; • medical documents (electrocardiogram, help from drug treatment, TB and mental hospital, a certificate from an infectious disease, X-ray of the sinuses, FLG in direct and lateral projections, blood sugar, HIV, biochemical and general analyzes, Wassermann reaction); • if at the time of admission you are under 18, please provide a certified letter of consent to the receipt of your representatives - parents or guardians / caregivers.

Step 3:

The right to benefits with: • orphans; • children of law enforcement officers, held or serving on a contract; • face up to 20 years with one parent - a disabled group 1; • privates and officers of participating in hostilities; • persons who have graduated from Suvorov schools MIA satisfactory estimates; • military personnel who participated in the fighting in the North Caucasus; • Police officers took place, or serving in the Chechen Republic; • the children of law enforcement officers serving in Chechnya; • a person serving on the contract, if the total service life of more than 3 years.

Step 4:

The right to benefits are: orphans; citizens under 20 who are brought up by one parent of a disabled; citizens discharged from service due to joining the Institute; children of servicemen killed in the performance; children of servicemen, whose parents are laid off from work and have a long service (20) as a result of service in the Russian army; children of servicemen whose parents serve in the military forces and have a long service (20).

Step 5:

Submit documents confirming the benefits of: • a certificate or an extract from the personal file, confirming the death of a parent; • a certified copy of a military identification card and a certificate veteran of fighting; • a certified copy of a military identification card with a mark about participation in hostilities; • a certified copy of military ID and direction on training.

Step 6:

Provide original documents upon arrival at the institution, but not later than 2 days.

Step 7:

Pass a medical examination. It is conducted for the final confirmation of the results provided help you.

Step 8:

Take professional-psychological examination. It is usually carried out in two stages - group test and a personal interview. According to the results you are enrolled in one of 4 groups on the recommendation. The best result - the first and the second group of recommendations, since it is their members participate in the competition in the first place.

Step 9:

Provide exam certificates required subjects: Russian language, history, mathematics, social studies. Hand additional introductory oral test for social studies.

Step 10:

Go check on physical fitness. As the tests turn in pulling up on the bar, running the 100 meters and running at 3000 m.

Step 11:

Complete screening test for use of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances. It is carried out with your consent and the consent of your parents (guardians / trustees). Payment is made at your expense.