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How to enter the Russian State Social University

Selecting University largely determines the future fate of the graduate. If you have already made a decision and gave preference to Russian State Social University, then you should know what to do in this university.

How to enter the Russian State Social University

You will need:

Passport, a certificate / diploma of secondary special education, a certificate of course completion.

Instruction how to act in RSSU

Step 1:

Choose a specialty that interests you most. RSSU provides training for the social sphere, so think about how this corresponds to the profile of your desires. For example, if you are going to enter the specialty "Public Relations", be prepared for the fact that the focus of all of the learning process will be placed on the social aspects of the profession.

Step 2:

Find out what you need to overcome the entrance test to enroll in this university. Lists of items to be passed for admission to each specific profession can be found on the official website of the university. It is for these subjects and you have to pass the Unified State Exam at the end of the school year.

Step 3:

Pay attention to additional competitions and entrance examinations. In order to enroll in some specialties taught at the Russian State Social University, in addition to providing the results of the exam, you must pass a creative competition or interview. For example, to learn the direction of "Journalism", you will need to write an essay directly to the university.

Step 4:

Prepare all the documents necessary for admission. These include a photocopy of the original certificate; a photocopy of the original certificate or diploma of secondary special education; original and photocopy of documents confirming your right to benefits. Write an application for admission and take a receipt for the documents.

Step 5:

You get the benefits of admission, after graduating from preparatory courses RSSU. Additional training of students of the university teaching staff is carried out. The length of time and intensity of the incoming classes can choose their own. Once the courses are passed, you will be issued. In that case, if you typed the number of points will coincide with the points scored another contender for the position, preference will be given to you.