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How to fill in the school magazine

Cool Magazine - is a public document. His conduct is governed by regulations and included in the duties of the class teacher and teachers - of subject. The school magazine is designed for one year. The school monitors the correct reference filling and storage magazine.

How to fill in the school magazine

Instruction how to fill in the school magazine

Step 1:

Listen to the instructions for completing the school magazine, which holds the deputy director on educational work, write down the information on the allocation of pages in accordance with the teaching load in the classroom.

Step 2:

Do all journal entries handle the same color. Write neat, legible handwriting. Avoid patches. Do not make any notes or entries in pencil.

Step 3:

Record section contents the names of objects with a capital letter in accordance with the order they appear in the school curriculum. Specify the page - for this number them in the journal. Note that the numbering the right and left side of the turn is counted as one. And on pages allocated to the object, make a note of the name with a lowercase letter.

Step 4:

Enter the last name, first name and patronymic of the teacher.

Step 5:

Write down a list of students in alphabetical order on the left side of the page. In the upper graph indicates the month and date. If a dual lesson, then put two dates.

Step 6:

Include the date, the subject of the lesson, homework on the right side of the page. In the "topic of the lesson" column write down the name of the control, practical, laboratory and independent work.

Step 7:

Count and record the end of the school year, the number of lessons according to plan and actually carried out on the right side of the page. Count and record backlog. Put a personal signature.

Step 8:

Follow napolnjaemostju estimates. Celebrate missing lessons students. The markers for cells, you have the right to ask only the following characters: 2, 3, 4, 5, n, n / a, Zach, SALT..

Step 9:

A grade for the oral and written responses to the day when the work was carried out. Putting the two marks in one cell is allowed only in the subjects Russian language and literature. Estimates in this place without a shot and point (43).

Step 10:

Expose the final mark for a quarter or a year in the next cell after the last date of the lesson. Avoid with bias, error corrections and draft underscores and emissions.

Step 11:

Write about what the teacher replaced the teacher is written in the "topic of the lesson" column. After recording the lesson topics write the word "replacement" and sign.

Step 12:

Correct the error as follows: cross out the wrong mark and in the neighboring cell set correctly. Invalid quarter-assessment and cross out, put the correct, while the bottom of the page you want to record: "Alteration. Peter Ivanov - five (date). " The director shall affix the seal and signature.

Step 13:

At the end of the year you need to carefully and accurately fill out the page "Annual estimates", count the days passes, for each quarter and for the year of lessons.