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How to find sounds in words

The Russian alphabet of 33 letters. It's easy to remember. Much more difficult to deal with the language phonetics, because the sounds in a word may be more or less than alphabetic characters. Sometimes a few letters while pronouncing them aloud to merge into a single sound. Conversely, one element of the alphabet stands for two sounds. To learn how to correctly carry out the phonetic analysis of words you need to remember the basic rules.

How to find sounds in words

Instruction how to find the sounds in words

Step 1:

Write the word intended for phonetic analysis, on a separate sheet of paper. Count the number of letters in it. Break the word into syllables, the accent mark.

Step 2:

Say the word aloud. Do it quickly at first, as you say usually. Then say slowly, drawing out the vowels. Focus and listen carefully to the sounds. Now write the word exactly as you hear it. This is a phonetic transcription.

Step 3:

To indicate the phonetic form, there are special characters in the letter. All the words in square brackets, and the softness of the consonant is indicated by an apostrophe. For example, the transcription of the word "ice" would look like this: [l'ot]. "

Step 4:

Write the word vertically, one letter on each line. Next in parentheses indicate the sound denoted by the letter. Analyze each sound. First of all, determine it is a vowel or a consonant.

Step 5:

The vowel sound characterize on the basis of "shock - shock-free." Please note that some vowels represent two sounds, if you stand at the beginning of a word, after vowels or after a hard and soft sign: heard as [ya] "I", "w" - [dy], "e" - [yo] "e" - [ye]. Under the stress of these letters stand for one sound and soften the consonant.

Step 6:

Consonant sounds can be: 1. Hard or soft ( "b" - "b ''). Always remain firm [x], [u], [i], soft - [h '], [u'], [d '] 2.. Man or unpaired ( "e" - "t"). The sounds represented by the letter "x", "y", "h", "w", "l", "m", "n", "p", "th", have par.3. Calls or deaf ( "g" - "k"). Only calls can be sounds [th], [n] [m] [n] [p] just deaf - [x] [y] [h] [u].

Step 7:

An important exception is the case where the combination of letters is pronounced as a single sound. In the Russian language, "MF", "ZHCH", "AF" sound like [u], "dc", "be" and "ts" - as a [n]. Another problem may be unpronounceable consonants in the root. For example, the word "sun" sound denoted by the letter "L" is not heard.

Step 8:

Arrange the result of a phonetic analysis as follows: hole [pro-RUE '] - 2 syllable percussive sound - [o] n - [n] - acc, deaf, tv.r - [p] - acc, ringing.... tv.o - [on] - vowels ud.r -. [p] - acc, ringing tv.u -.. [in] - vowels bezud.b -. [n '] -. acc, deaf. , myagk. - [-] 7 letters, 6 sounds.