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How to finish high school without attending lectures

In the new position of training in high school it is said that every person has a degree not lower than the general secondary or specialized secondary, can go to college and graduated as an external student as soon as it allows him time.

How to finish high school without attending lectures

Instruction how to finish high school without attending lectures

Step 1:

If you decide to gnaw granite of science alone, when submitting documents to the university write an additional statement that wish to study externally. But keep in mind that this type of training has a number of both pluses and minuses.

Step 2:

Almost all specialties except for some technical comprehension of which requires a lot of full-time practical training may be completed by external studies program. At the same time you get a state diploma. It will differ from other certificates that mark will stand in it that you have completed high school externship. The same notation is made in your record book - the basic document that accompanies you throughout the training.

Step 3:

Some employers, of course, believe that the training received in absentia or externa program does not provide the necessary knowledge, however, this view is contrary to the law on discrimination, and you can always prove in court that your education is no worse than any other.

Step 4:

At the beginning of the school year get the dean of academic disciplines plan questions for tests and exams, and training departments of educational tools. Also get to know the teachers and arrange them on the date of delivery of tests, examinations, tests and term papers. This will help you a special direction of the dean's office.

Step 5:

Control of students' knowledge externally happens exactly the same way as other students. First you give the current examinations and coursework, you may have to work in the lab with the teacher. So you go through the entire program specialty. As a result, you need to collect a commission for state exams and graduation.

Step 6:

If you do not have a grant or you could not do on a budget, then on a contractual basis of training you pay after the fact. That is, you do not pay by semester or year of study, and by the time that the teacher is actually spent on you.