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How to get a certificate of accreditation

Accreditation - a process in which an official confirmation that the quality of the services provided meet the standards can be purchased. In Russia, the accreditation is carried out exclusively federal bodies of executive power.

How to get a certificate of accreditation

Instruction how to get the accreditation certificate

Step 1:

Apply for accreditation in the relevant executive authority. The application must contain: - the name of your organization (company or individual entrepreneurs); - Legal address of your organization, contact telephone number, bank details; - BIN / OGRN; - Name of your organization; - Full name of the employee responsible for communication with the accrediting body, and his telephone number; - The name of the test object (conformity assessment), according to the scope of accreditation (the list); Sign and date.

Step 2:

Imagine together with the application to the accreditation body the following documents: - certified copies of the statutory documents of the organization; - Information on personnel (composition, qualifications, work experience, credentials), the job descriptions of employees, the staffing of the organization; - Product information (copies of technical passports); - Information about the room in which it has operating facilities (including the positive conclusions of the fire and health services). Make a list of attached documents on a separate form. Accreditation body usually reserves the right to request and other, important for the future procedures for the accreditation documents.

Step 3:

Upon review of the documents and the inspection of the organization accrediting authority may, within 2 months from the date of filing of the application to make a decision to issue the certificate. If you are refused due to irregularities in the processing of documents or the decision to issue the certificate has been postponed until the removal of comments, you have to re-apply for certification, but only after you re-register all the papers and organize work of the enterprise in accordance with the standards.

Step 4:

If a positive decision, you will have to appear in person in the accrediting body for the certificate, which can be obtained from the Secretary on presentation of a certified copy of the payment document confirming the amount of the prescribed fee for conducting certification works.