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How to get away with a lesson

School education - the foundation of knowledge. Its quality depends on the adaptation of the student to the world. It is no exaggeration to say that the level of knowledge acquired in school, depends on attendance of lessons a child. But sometimes there are situations when it is necessary to leave the student lesson. We must explain to the child how to do it.

How to get away with a lesson

Instruction how to get away with a lesson

Step 1:

Decide how much more important is the work for which you want to leave a lesson. If it is not very hot, it's certainly possible to postpone. If the question is about health, meaningful competition or training for the Olympics, you can tell the teacher directly in the classroom. The question of how to do this with schoolmates or not, does not matter. It is necessary to draw the attention of the teacher, and then tell him the reason why you need to leave the lesson.

Step 2:

If the cause of the problems or concerns of family relationships with their peers, do not betray its general publicity - it may cause disapproval classmates, and does not look very nice. There are two main options. Firstly, you can lie to you not feeling well, and go with the lesson. Second, tell the teacher that you urgently need to leave a lesson for some reason, without naming them. This way is more correct, as honesty - good quality. You must be prepared for the fact that you will be asked to give reasons, especially if the leave with an important reference. If you do not let go, you can say: "Sorry, but I really need to get away"- And leave the classroom.

Step 3:

If you feel that you are in danger, it is not necessary to leave a lesson and solve their own problems. You can ask the help of a teacher. It is advisable to do so during the break before the lesson. If a teacher comes to class on a call, you can find it in the staff room. Say what you will threaten seniors or there is any conflict in the classroom, because of which you will not be comfortable in the classroom. It is important to tell the whole truth without exaggeration. Even better to talk about such things with a cool head.