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How to get to the Cadets

The Cadets today dream to many boys and even girls. But a desire is not enough: in order to become a cadet, you must pass a very serious competitive selection. So get ready to enter the Cadet School should be well before the end of schooling.

How to get to the Cadets

You will need:

-the Internet; -medspravka.

Instruction how to get into the Cadets

Step 1:

To begin, decide in what kind of institution the student current will flow. In the last school year, your child keep a track of all the sources of information from which we can learn about what documents must be collected for admission to the Cadet School. Browse websites and specialized periodicals that served such information.

Step 2:

Not reaching for the last few months in school, send the next cadet to pass examination by doctors. For admission in this institution is to visit a lot of doctors. And to prepare a medical certificate will not advance plus. You can also advance to take care of the documents testifying to the social status of the applicant and his family.

Step 3:

Help your child to carefully prepare for the delicate job interview. To start, try to talk to him and make sure that it is really a conscious choice, and is motivated Kadetstvo dream. It does not try to impose on future entrant answers to potential questions, but just prepare it to communicate with a psychologist. After all, young people at this age are able to think independently and quite mature, and give logical answers to all questions. Note that, as a rule, the interview takes place in the last month of spring.

Step 4:

Pre-read algorithm enroll a child in school. Persistently prepare him for the entrance exams. Explain to student that study subjects needed for entry must be very carefully and deeply. Therefore, while there is time, stimulate the child to additional employment. Try to convince him, then in a similar school always quite big competition, so it is very useful solid knowledge. Useful and enhanced physical activity, because physical training when joining is also tested.