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How to get to the Moscow State University

Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov is one of the leading educational institutions of our country. Every year they come here come from different parts of Russia and from abroad. Highly professional faculty conducts training of qualified professionals in various specialties. How to get there at MSU?

How to get to the Moscow State University

Instruction how to get to MSU

Step 1:

In order to get into the MSU needed to apply for a specific specialty training. It is best if you determine in advance with the choice of future profession.

Step 2:

First, you must obtain a certificate of secondary general education. The presence of gold and silver medals do not give any concessions on admission, but may be considered during the examination date at equal results with another abiturientom.Dalee, you can visit the "open house", where he learned the necessary information about further education, to talk to the rector, ask questions and see a list of documents required for admission to university. It is advisable to talk with alumni of the University and find out information about the learning process.

Step 3:

Secondly, you will need to write an application addressed to the Rector, which is supplied to the selection committee. The form of the document can be viewed on the official website of the selection committee of the Moscow State University. Or ask at the admissions office, the same will give instructions for its completion.

Step 4:

Orphans, children with disabilities, citizens up to 20 years with one parent a disabled group 1, citizens, families with incomes below the subsistence minimum, persons who have served in the army under contract for at least three years are eligible for preferential admission in accordance with Russian law. Have the same advantage of the winners of All-Russian Olympiad, held every year in different subjects among pupils of secondary educational institutions.

Step 5:

Besides application form you need to prepare other documents. This could be a certificate or diploma on the availability of specialized secondary education. Copies of birth certificates and passports, 8 black-and-white photos of size 3 to 4, or a copy of the original certificate of the results obtained in the Unified State Exam. It should be noted that copies of the documents certified by a notary is not required. Persons entitled to benefits, must also provide the necessary support of his words.

Step 6:

The documents with the application, you can send mail to the MSU or attributed directly to the admissions office personally. After that, applicants are allowed to pass the additional entrance examinations.

Step 7:

Nonresident individuals wishing to get into the Moscow State University, the hostel provided for the entire period of study. Moscow State University provides training for full-time, evening and correspondence forms. Korma addition, you can always submit an application and documents for admission to master's and post-graduate educational institution.

Step 8:

For the submission of documents for admission is given a certain period, which varies every year, so this question is necessary to find out in advance of the selection committee.