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How to give a public lesson

Each teacher will sooner or later give an open lesson, which accounts for the administration of the institution and colleagues. Sometimes these lessons are held for parents to demonstrate the level of training of their children. To open lesson preparation should be approached very seriously, because they allow you to see the professionalism of the teacher and the child's ability.

How to give a public lesson

Instruction how to give a public lesson

Step 1:

To open lesson was a success and was praised, it is necessary to make a good plan, paying attention to the smallest details.

Step 2:

First, you must decide on the theme. It should match the calendar and thematic planning. Select a topic, which will emphasize the already acquired skills and abilities of students and to organize research. The main thing is that students on this lesson could be active and independent.

Step 3:

Once you declare the theme of the lesson, you should clearly state the purpose. It should be one. This is the ability or the knowledge that children need to learn in the end of the session.

Step 4:

The purpose can be to voice and using problematic issue put teacher. At the end of the lesson children have to give an answer to it.

Step 5:

Then declare the tasks necessary to achieve this goal. There may be more.

Step 6:

It is very important at the beginning of the lesson to motivate students in active learning activities. This can be done by analogy between the lesson topic and real life situations.

Step 7:

Each stage of the lesson should be well verified over time. This is necessary to ensure that at the end of class time to summarize the study, set the assessment and give an explanation with homework.

Step 8:

Generalization try to carry out not only at the final stage, but also at every stage of employment.

Step 9:

Try to plan learning activities pupils in such a way as to combine different types of work. Children need and write, read and listen to, and talk during the lesson.

Step 10:

You need during the lesson to come into contact with each student. Think about how to implement an individual approach, prepare differentiated tasks for pupils.

Step 11:

If there is a lesson in integration or study - a big plus in the work of the teacher.

Step 12:

Mandatory condition of good open lesson - the presence of reflection. Children need to evaluate their work, analyze the acquired skills and knowledge to share impressions of their sense of the lesson of the atmosphere.

Step 13:

Homework should not only voice, but also to comment on. You can offer the job to choose.

Step 14:

Do not forget to set the assessment and thank the children for a good job in the classroom.