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How to give English lessons

It is hard to imagine an educated person without good knowledge of the English language. If you are a teacher and have a desire to teach others, the first thing should be drawn up for the student the right training program.

How to give English lessons

Instruction how to give English lessons

Step 1:

Practise every day. If you take a break, they must be small, for 2-3 days. If you were forced to interrupt their studies long-term, the short course is better to repeat the entire program from the beginning.

Step 2:

The best time to conduct classes - before lunch. So plan a meeting with the student in the morning, when he will be able to maximize the material to absorb.

Step 3:

First, spend more time on theory. Then fasten the knowledge into practice in speaking and in writing. Use all available tools for learning. It may be books, internet, record and so on.

Step 4:

Be sure to please create a dictionary with you every day, together with the student will enter unfamiliar words. In the first column is the English version of the word, then the transcription, and the third column - translation. Check daily to your student mastered unfamiliar words and their pronunciation.

Step 5:

On the walls hang whatman with the basic rules of the English language, so that the first time the student may use them as a little hint when constructing sentences.

Step 6:

After some time, communicate with his student in English only. This will contribute to further progress in training, although at first be somewhat difficult for him.

Step 7:

The middle stage of training through together with the student films in English. He should learn to understand the general meaning of what he saw.

Step 8:

In the final part of the course offer a student make a trip home language. There can be fully hone pronunciation skills by engaging in direct contact with native speakers. This will serve as a solid foundation for the most secure of all the accumulated material with a student.

Step 9:

Students and teachers need to be prepared for the fact that the whole learning process will last at least a year. And to improve the English language can be even a lifetime.