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How to increase brain activity

Brain - the crown of the human body - is still not fully understood physiology, psychology, cybernetics, and other researchers. Experts have long suspected that the average person uses only a fraction of the capacity of its "on-board computer." To the brain worked more effectively, it is necessary to constantly train and train. A few simple guidelines can help you get it done today.

How to increase brain activity

Instruction how to increase brain function

Step 1:

Breathe deeply. The first tip to improve the basic functions of the brain - memory, attention - a saturation of the body with oxygen. Train yourself while running to sit up straight and breathe through the nose - and see for yourself that it works. Add in their life schedule aerobic exercise and fresh air for the same purpose.

Step 2:

Eat right. Include in your diet nuts, do not neglect the fatty fish varieties. But meat consumption is possible and even desirable to be reduced to one or two times a week. Make sure that your body receives the vitamins A, B complex, C, E and K in sufficient quantities. Good rest. Get enough sleep every day, and not on a case by case basis. Do not smoke, do not drink alcohol (in any case, do not overdo it).

Step 3:

Play. In chess, backgammon, "Monopoly" in the twister, to the puppet theater, badminton - but what you want! During any game you have to learn the rules and maneuver within them. This sets up the brain to a certain wave, develops creative thinking requires concentration, coordination, attention.

Step 4:

Learn new. For work or hobbies in order to constantly expand their horizons. If absolutely nothing comes to mind, make it a rule every day learn ten words in a foreign language or special terms of the encyclopedia. Try not to just cram and form a stable association, to come up with mnemonic formula, use all the memory channels (visual, auditory, motor). Scratching their heads. Select an interesting puzzles for you to view: tests, crossword puzzles, chess or logical problems. Do the exercises for memorizing (eg, play-jong ma).

Step 5:

Develop feelings. Try to take a shower without turning on the light. Learn to distinguish between coins of different denominations by touch. Learn basic sign language or Braille. At the very least, possess the blind by printing or remember how you played the piano / guitar.

Step 6:

Get inspired. Communicate with those who are causing your interest, visit interesting places, listen to, watch, read everything in the mood. Arm yourself with pen and notepad, going on an interesting event. Start a blog or a blog that will share their thoughts with the readers. It will teach you how to structure your own observations.

Step 7:

Analyze it. Let your good habit to train your mind to be scrolled in mind before going to sleep day we live in detail. It is proved that the brain is most active in the intermediate state between sleeping and waking.