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How to learn a great verse

Students training for years have to learn by heart and recite a lot of variety of poems. For some, the learning process is easy and fast, for others turns into a real challenge, especially if you need to memorize a large volume of material.

How to learn a great verse

Instruction how to learn a great verse

Step 1:

If possible, choose to practice, when your head is not overloaded. For example, spend the morning with a verse and a few minutes before going to sleep, the brain during these hours will be most receptive to memorization.

Step 2:

To get started, read the poem out loud, so you become familiar with its contents. Then re-read the verse emphatically two or three times. Try to keep you not only voiced the words written on paper, but also created in the mind a certain visual image. Draw in your own imagination, those objects and phenomena about which the author says. So you will be much easier to remember the sequence and presentation logic.

Step 3:

Read the verse again - in your mind will begin to sound some words or even the product line. Say them, looked up from a book or a sheet. But immediately refer to the text, if you can not think of a sequel. Your task - to read the poem as a whole, without significant hitches.

Step 4:

Subsequent reading memorable pieces of verse becomes more and each of them will be gradually increased. Try to reproduce the poem from memory entirely. Faced with a place that you can not remember, immediately look in the text. Usually it is enough to see the beginning of a word or phrase, to continue to carry on their memory easily. Gradually unlearned parts merge into a single entity with the assimilation of the material, and you will be able to reproduce the full verse. This method allows you to learn the product is much faster than the method of cramming separate from each other quatrains.

Step 5:

Connect to the process of learning visual and motor memory. Rewrite the verse on a piece of paper while reading it aloud. This will significantly speed up the memorization process. Learn verses only one book or paper on which it is written to visually remember lines and mentally refer to them.