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How to learn English by pictures

English is the international, and for the person that owns it perfectly, open all the doors of the world. The most simple and fun way to study it - is the use of pictures, as much of the information is perceived by people through visual images.

How to learn English by pictures

Instruction how to teach English in pictures

Step 1:

There are many different books that are devoted to the study of English with the help of pictures. In them you can easily find a lot of illustrations and explanatory texts on a variety of areas of expertise, from simple things to complex concepts. It is also very useful and easy to use special fotoslovari.

Step 2:

You will greatly facilitate his task, making their own cards for learning English. To do this, buy in the store cardboard box or leaves for records. Using scissors, cut out of newspapers and magazines bright image, take the glue and glue to one side of the drawing sheet, and on the other write the word in English.

Step 3:

Always carry the card with you and every free minute to get them, try to remember how the word sounds in English.

Step 4:

Do not forget that it is better to learn every day for three or four new words than once to swallow twenty or thirty. Try to first learn the words that you are more interesting, but not the ones that you think are useful, but boring.

Step 5:

If you urgently need to learn a list of difficult words, then make an effort, gather all the strength of will and begin to study them. Cards with a particularly difficult-to-remember words add up in a separate pile and to touch them more often than usual, that they might remember.

Step 6:

Learn words can be much faster, if you will work all kinds of memory. Thus, you will look at the word and then listen to the correct pronunciation of his speaker, repeating aloud in English and write on paper.

Step 7:

Do not forget that the best way to learn correct English word - is to teach them to be happy. Spend more time pursuits, and then you all must succeed.