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How to learn technical English

The English language is often needed technicians in various fields. The man who owns spoken English, can not necessarily understand the technical text, full of technical terms. So often in the position of taking translators with a technical education.

How to learn technical English

Instruction how to learn technical English

Step 1:

Whatever special terminology you did not plan to acquire in the future, you have to start the same way as everyone else - from scratch. Knowledge of the alphabet, spelling and grammar rules, sentence structure is necessary in order to understand the meaning of the text read. Without this knowledge, you can not correctly translate a sentence.

Step 2:

Remember that the same word or term can have several meanings, is used depending on the situation and context. Therefore, to correctly translate the technical text, not enough to simply replace the Russian word English counterparts or vice versa. It is important to select the appropriate synonyms. To navigate the intricacies of these, read professional literature in your area.

Step 3:

So, if you work with computers, read various instructions and technical manuals. Please select the text in English, try to translate them using dictionaries, discharge recurring terms. Then take the same texts in Russian and attempt to try to translate them into English, using terms and phrases learned.

Step 4:

If possible, communicate with specialists for a long time working in this area and knowledgeable professional vocabulary in English. Ask explain unclear point, verify the correctness of your translation. Even better, if the specialist agrees to give you a few lessons.

Step 5:

Try to find a special English-Russian and Russian-English dictionaries with vocabulary, upotrebimo you are interested in the field of knowledge. For example, there are dictionaries of computer terminology. Use these dictionaries for translations and reading texts. Gradually you memorize common words.

Step 6:

Look for English courses, designed specifically for people who work on your specialty. There are courses for mechanics, engineers, etc. Many people are easier to learn in a group and with teachers than their own.