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How to learn the Greek language

Greek - one of the most difficult European languages. Courses - the most expensive, and they are hard to find in the province. Therefore, more and more often hear the opinion that the Greek alone is very difficult to learn. In fact this is not true: we need self-discipline, teaching aids and assistance of a native speaker.

How to learn the Greek language

Instruction how to learn the Greek language

Step 1:

Learn the language. Many begin to study Greek, guided by irrational motives. People like the sound of the Greek language, mythology, togas and laurel wreaths. But the path to the heart of Greek culture is through grammatical jungle. Fans of Greek speech will have to memorize a lot of prepositions, particles and articles. Plus generous delivery kit of cases, declensions, mood, voice conjugations and times. In Greek, the word order is free - and that it is similar to Russian. So enthusiast should be prepared to ensure that surpass Hercules committed 12 labors. There is, however, a relief. The Russian language has become such a number of Greek words, we perceive them as their original.

Step 2:

Thoroughly prepare for the study. An entry point for this - find a mentor, coach. Each student himself the right to decide whether to seek bilingual tutor through Skype, written in a language school in the Greek language courses under the wing of the Russian-speaking teacher or look for friends in Cypriots educational social networking-oriented language learning (eg, It is necessary to purchase a textbook, preferably designed for serious Russian universities such as Moscow State University and MGIMO. The third point - "language material"Songs, books, movies, podcasts, interactive language games, for learning new words of the program (you can even set moblnik).

Step 3:

To develop the structure of employment. Whether that will tell a paid teacher, student of Greek, the language does not have to teach two or three times a week for two hours, and every day. Learning a language - it's not cramming is immersion. If desired, you can build your schedule, the student will literally breathe Greek: Greek radio on waking in the Greek text on the way to work, a pocket dictionary-zapominalka at lunchtime and notes on the way home. This style of training will not forget the theory. And even enable to relieve stress produced per day.