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How to learn the map

Knowledge of objects supported on the physical and geographical map, you need to geography lessons at school. However, the information obtained should not forget, taking the certificate - a shame not to know where the Cape of Good Hope, and both are called the capital of the small European nations. If you do not remember the details in the school, you can learn a map and independently.

How to learn the map

You will need:

- more cards; - National Geographic.

Instruction how to learn the map

Step 1:

Buy or print multiple cards and hang them around the apartment in the places where you visit most often. This may be a wall in front of your chair in the kitchen, the toilet door, your bedroom wall. Also, put the physical or political map on your desktop or laptop.

Step 2:

If you have just started learning card, you should start with the basics. Remember the name and location of the continents, they are in any hemisphere. As they are located in relation to each other? Did you come up with their own associations, to help you remember the location of continents. For example, you can present them in the form of animals.

Step 3:

To begin the study easier with maps of all of the country. You probably know her location, the capital, can name the countries with which it borders, the sea that it is washed. Gradually expand their knowledge, moving farther and farther away from your homeland.

Step 4:

It is important for you to know not only the location of countries, but also learned about the oceans, the largest of the sea, rivers, lakes, the highest peaks and ridges. Remember, in which countries are these attractions.

Step 5:

Get in the habit of watching popular science films about the different continents and countries. For example, such programs can be seen on the channel National Geographic. Once you have looked at the story about the country, its nature, climate, population, find it on the map. Remember its location, learn the name of the capital, check for yourself whether there large lakes, rivers and mountain ranges.

Step 6:

Your company is boring, and you do not know what to do? Start playing in the "city". At the same time a little complicate the game - call not only city on the desired letter, but say it is in any country. This game trains perfectly memory and helps you pass the time.