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How to learn to be a psychologist

Recently, the psychologist profession is becoming very popular: the modern pace of life is such that such assistance specialists is becoming more popular and attractive specialty. But the psychologist profession requires you to constant development and improvement. You also need to have a particular kind of character to successfully practice.

How to learn to be a psychologist

Instruction how to learn to be a psychologist

Step 1:

First answer the important question: Do you have such important qualities of character, like optimism, self-confidence, ability to listen, to understand, to reassure; kindness, tolerance; communication skills, poise. These qualities are essential psychologist.

Step 2:

Decide for yourself: in what area you want to apply their knowledge in psychology: - Do you want to work a psychologist at a large enterprise or a company in the personnel department; - Psychologist in the school or kindergarten; - Maintain a private practice, to treat mentally ill people. From this choice of the institution depends. If you chose the first option, then you can get an education in the public high school, and not the state. We chose the second - Pedagogical university. The third option - Medical Institute.

Step 3:

To your education and your degree was in demand, better still enrolled in public higher education institution. Be sure to ask how long ago founded the Department of Psychology at the university of your choice. This will provide you with the quality of education. The "older" faculty, the higher the level of teaching. Find out if the license for educational activity, training program.

Step 4:

Note that when entering the exam, you will be certified in the Russian language, biology, and social sciences. Some universities also foreign language, mathematics. Duration of study: full-time - 5 years, psychologist Bachelor - 4 goals. The Institute of Medicine - 6 years. On the basis of existing higher education - 3 years.

Step 5:

From the second-third year you will need to choose a specialization: social psychology; pedagogical psychology; psychology of business; Psychology of family relations; practical psychology. In this decision, no one will be able to help. Choose what you closer, more interesting.