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How to learn to be an architect

To become an architect, you must obtain special education. Such specialists are trained in architectural academies with their own specific rules of admission and entrance exams.

How to learn to be an architect

Instruction how to learn to be an architect

Step 1:

Sign up for training courses in the selected architectural college. Selection committees are often warned students that the skills learned in art school for children, may not be enough. Therefore, you will enter pre-university preparation. It can last from a year to three or four years, and involves learning different kinds of drawing and sketching. In these courses you will be able to see if you really are interested in the profession of architect.

Step 2:

Hand over the exam in mathematics, Russian language and literature - these subjects are required for admission. If you graduated from high school until 2009 - the compulsory introduction of the exam, you will be given the opportunity to pass the tests directly to the university.

Step 3:

Submit your high school. You must attach a certificate of school graduation, exam certificate, passport photos of the sample. Also, in some universities may require you to provide multiple images for a preliminary assessment of your level.

Step 4:

Turn specialized exams. Usually admission is required to draw imaginary geometric body, represent a plaster head and artistic composition with a predetermined idea. During this exam will be checked artistic skills and spatial thinking.

Step 5:

When a sufficient number of points on the exam start at the architectural department of education. During his studies, participate in various competitions for students projects for the development of their professional skills. At the end of the training, prepare a thesis project on the specified topic head.