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How to learn to talk quickly

Everyone in school, dreaming about how to quickly and correctly answer any question, but not always, this dream comes true. And sometimes even now, at work, you are afraid that at the crucial moment you run out of words, and you blushing with embarrassment, will be difficult to talk about your idea. Do not despair: this problem is easy to solve, try the following exercise.

How to learn to talk quickly

Instruction how to learn to speak quickly

Step 1:

To as quickly as possible to learn to speak quickly, you must regularly do the exercises, which strongly tense tongue and lips. For example, you can do the following: tongue hanging out, try to get them to the tip of the nose or chin; make lips "proboscis" as a kiss, and then move a mouth left, right, in a circle, while maintaining such a position; smile so that the corners of the mouth are at a maximum distance from each other; turn language into a tube; pogrimasnichayte, remember how great it turned out you have a child.

Step 2:

Find a few tongue twisters. First, you can say it slowly, carefully pronouncing all the words, and then an accelerating rate, bringing it to the maximum. Especially useful are tongue twisters, containing a large number of consonants, and resonant sound.

Step 3:

If you can easily say the first available patter, it means that you have successfully coped with all the previous exercises, if not - it is necessary to more thoroughly and persistently engaged.

Step 4:

To speak freely, it is important to resist the confusion and uncertainty. To do this, as often as you can tell yourself that you can do anything that you can handle any problem. Every day, perform the following exercise: eyes closed, relax as much as possible, then imagine yourself a winner. Perhaps it is a victory in a variety of sporting events or on school Olympiad. Meditate in this position for at least 10 minutes to more carefully consider their victory.

Step 5:

Try more likely to read classic literature and quality periodicals. This not only greatly expand your vocabulary, but at the same time and fill your head with new ideas that can be shared.