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How to love learning

It is very difficult to love what you do not choose. Therefore, in the choice of education need to be as categorical and defend their right to education in a field that interests you. The pressure may be from parents or peers, you need to learn to deal with it. The second problem on the way to a successful education is its own laziness ...

How to love learning

Instruction how to love learning

Step 1:

Find the incentive to learn. You should not fall in love with the process of learning, and the goal that you will reach this training. For example, it is practically impossible to learn a foreign language if you do not have this motivation. Find your motivation, it should be as specific as possible. For example, you are going to get out of Russia to another country, get married to a foreigner, you instructed to translate the book or article or work responsibilities were related to the translation of texts.

Step 2:

Select a teacher who you are interested in. Sometimes the teacher authority can seriously stimulate student learning. To do this, try to get closer to the teacher that you are interested in. Learn more about him as a person, try to make friends. Never go to study to teachers who do not respect or whose experience does not seem valuable to you.

Step 3:

Find a role model. If you want to become an architect, get a professional in this business, whose work will seem masterpieces. Begin to engage with the aim of becoming an architect as great as this man.

Step 4:

Focus on the fact that only education can guarantee you a successful future. Education - one of the most valuable things in life. It is not so important where you are learning: a university, a college or a course of cutting and sewing. All that you can do with your hands, create in your imagination, and thanks to the acquired knowledge will help you live independently.

Step 5:

With an educated man always have something to talk about. If you want to have interesting friends, never stop learning something new, and a great read. In addition, any intellectual effort (including the training of a new activity) stimulates the brain, respectively, the person becomes more intelligent, the more he learns.

Step 6:

You never know what skills will be useful in life. So do not be lazy and discover new kinds of creative activity. Learn to knit, write songs, learn a foreign language, write a book - all this sooner or later, from a simple hobby turned into a profession.

Step 7:

Learn with your friends. For example, perform with homework, prepare for exams and screening. Engage in joint research. Each case will be faster in the company of friends.

Step 8:

Engage in self-education. Sometimes learning problems stem from the fact that a person is difficult to enter into the educational system. Some hard to find a common language with teachers. To overcome these problems, a lot of time is devoted to self-education. Perhaps doing with yourself, you will be able to get a taste for learning.