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How to make a mathematical paper

Making Mathematical wall newspapers is a form of extracurricular activities of high school students. Creating such papers as the students are in the school under the guidance of a teacher, and at home under the supervision of parents. Work on the wall newspaper instills pupil qualities such as perseverance, diligence, punctuality.

How to make a mathematical paper

You will need:

Felt-tip pens and colored pencils Sheet of paper format A1 Drawing board and buttons Scissors Computer with printer paper for your printer Clay

Instruction how to do math paper

Step 1:

Take a sheet of paper and secure it with the buttons on the drawing board. The number and location of the keys shall be such that the sheet is held fast.

Step 2:

Come up with a name for the wall newspapers. Match it as well as the theme of the newspaper with the teacher. For the title, highlight the top left of the page. Draw "hat" newspaper markers and colored pencils.

Step 3:

Find books, online articles on the history of mathematics, biographies of scientists and their portraits, interesting mathematical curiosities, various drawings. One of the sections is required to dedicate tasks on ingenuity and puzzles. All of this print. The amount of printouts, and the font size should be such that all the information fit on a sheet of paper, but the space it was not too loose. If you doubt the authenticity or the need of any information, which you are going to put in the paper, show it to the teacher and ask her opinion.

Step 4:

Rationally distribute the printout on the surface of a sheet of paper. Cut them out and glue in place. If the printer is black and white, carefully paint the several drawings and formulas markers and colored pencils.

Step 5:

The space between the printouts can be filled with various ornaments, such as geometric shapes and fragments of formulas. Do not overdo it, otherwise the wall newspaper will look too gaudy. In the lower right corner, specify the sources of information, as well as the names of the compilers of the newspaper and the class in which they learn. This can be how to write by hand, or print. When the glue is dry, make sure that all print grip on the sheet, if necessary, Conn them.

Step 6:

If you made a wall newspaper at home, fold it into a roll prior to transport to school is not desirable, or printing may come off. Bring it to class on a gross basis, show the teacher. Having received the approval of the teacher, attach the paper to the free booth. If you notice that some of the printouts come unstuck, Conn them again.