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How to make a plan of scientific work

Before you start writing scientific articles, monographs and dissertations is necessary to plan future research. This allows you to organize and simplify work on a selected topic.

How to make a plan of scientific work

Instruction how to make a plan of scientific work

Step 1:

Find out the requirements for the work. So it will be easier to make her plan. For example, it is important to know the amount of text that will need to prepare. When publishing articles every scientific journal of its demands. Some publications necessary announcement in English, which also must be considered.

Step 2:

When writing a thesis, use methodical recommendations, which regularly publishes the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC) on its official website.

Step 3:

Make a plan for the main part of the work after get acquainted with the subject. For major works - monographs, dissertations - is most appropriate distribution of material on the 3-5 chapters or parts. So the reader will be easier to organize and perceive the text. The article, particularly long, it is also desirable to allocate some subtitles. Each chapter or part of the work should begin with a brief introduction. Then, should describe the course of the study, if necessary - the controversy with other authors, and to complete the text should be concise conclusions.

Step 4:

Make a plan for the introduction and conclusion. This is true above all for the volume of work. In the introduction, describe the object and subject of study, set basic scientific questions. Then describe the study of the history of the topic, researchers have previously worked on a similar problem and with what results. Further, in terms of one of the sections should be devoted to the methods used. At the end of the introduction you need to say a few words on the relevance of the study - as it is necessary in the modern science and the economy, what problems can be solved by answering the questions asked by you. In conclusion, it should also highlight the main points of the study and the conclusions reached. Separate point plan should indicate prospects for further research, that is, what else can be done to resolve the issues raised by you.

Step 5:

Be prepared for the fact that you created the plan will change the course of the study. This is normal, since in the process of scientific activity of your ideas about the subject can vary.