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How to make a portfolio of primary school teachers

For certification of a higher qualification category or participation in the contest of professional skills a teacher needs to present their work competently and effectively. It is for this purpose is the portfolio - a kind of creative report. In it are reflected the results of the teacher, his use of modern techniques and technologies, the most interesting achievements in educational work.

How to make a portfolio of primary school teachers

You will need:

- Background on teachers; - The results of pedagogical activity of the teacher; - Data on performance; - Diagnostics of students; - The use of modern educational technologies; - Data on the author's method (if any); - Data on professional development and dissemination of teaching experience.

Instruction how to issue a primary school teacher portfolio

Step 1:

Write an explanatory note. Indicate what purpose the portfolio is made, what materials contain, whether it might be useful to other teachers. Make information note. It must specify the name, surname, patronymic, date of birth, a school teacher finished, many years working in education and in the school. This document is not characteristic, therefore, must be sufficiently short. Indicate whether the teacher scientific degree, on a topic he is working. List methodical.

Step 2:

The main performance indicators of the teacher - student achievement. Include Portfolio extract from the class register on the final finished testing of students in the last three years. Imagine for interim assessment data - for example, a quarter or a half. Tell us about the students participate in various contests and competitions, as well as results. You can make a list of winners of the subject Olympiads. If there is diagnostic data in different areas of educational activity, they can be included in the same section.

Step 3:

Note, if the teacher uses the health-saving technologies. What are the techniques that allow to maintain the health of children, he enjoys. In the same section you can make a class description, noting how the equipment corresponds to the age of children, health standards and modern safety requirements.

Step 4:

Tell us about the modern techniques, which runs a primary school teacher. Does it have its own development, author's programs; what goals they pursue; whether enough tools and equipment to work on them successfully. If there are copyrights benefits, be sure to mention it. Tell us about how the primary school teacher receives an interesting experience, and distributes his own. You can write about the competitions of professional skill of pedagogical ideas festivals, participation in the work of creative groups and teaching unions, and so on. D.

Step 5:

Tell us about the work of primary school teachers with the family. Perhaps the teacher came up with an interesting form of interaction with parents. Bring subjects parents' meetings, talk about family clubs, joint expeditions and excursions, the lectures for parents and other events.

Step 6:

Prepare illustrations. This may be a film about the life of the class, presentation of the author's program, teaching methodology or concept albums with photos, audio lessons, certificates and diplomas to students and more. Make a portfolio as you can in the usual folder with papers, and in the form of a disk. It depends on the conditions of competition or attestation.