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How to make an English lesson interesting

Learning foreign languages ​​- an interesting exercise, but, alas, often turns out to be difficult for students motivitrovat, captivate. There pedagogical techniques to make the lesson dynamic, bring the whole group to carry out tasks.

How to make an English lesson interesting

You will need:

Textbooks, teaching materials, audio and video materials, small artistic or educational films in English, develop projects on a given topic

Instruction how to make English lesson interesting

Step 1:

Use design tasks today directed the study of foreign languages, primarily on communication. Earlier in Soviet schools generally read and translate that kept speaking skills, now direct communication is at the forefront. Students love to create projects on a variety of topics: the environment, political situation, press conference on the release of the new film. For any project - it is a small scene, theatrical performance, which allows you to express its position by means of the English language. An important step for the project is the preparation of (the distribution of roles, training vocabulary, establishing forms (round table, interviews, debates), preparation of lesson plan) and subsequent analysis of the class, which is necessary to evaluate and work on oshibkmai both teachers and students.

Step 2:

Call to the aid of the art of poetry, plays, songs, movies, paintings, even the English painters - all this will help to interest students. Depending on the age, complete the group of interest, you can vary the content of the lesson. Lyrical poetry and music evening, watching small educational or art films, a discussion of the great painter's canvases will be useful not only in terms of language learning: this activity will enrich the spiritual experience of the disciples, make them express their personal opinion.

Step 3:

Play along with the students in English Games are best suited for primary and secondary school students, and, if the game is for the kids - the main type of activity, for students to look for a more intelligent job. As the game can act and small scenes played out in pairs students. Think props, basic scenery, make-up. Today you can buy a set of manuals and books for teachers, where the best methodical game development at foreign language lessons.

Step 4:

Combine activities of students to avoid fatigue of students need to skillfully operate a variety of activities: start lesson with checking homework, then enjoy a listening comprehension and phonetic exercises, then - take the time to grammar and in the remaining time when fatigue is already starting to interfere with concentration, play a game or read a loud funny stories. This will give the charge of good mood, you will end the lesson on a good note.