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How to make out the words into syllables

The problem of parsing words into syllables facing virtually every student. In addition, it must be remembered that the split into syllables of words may vary, depending on whether it is necessary for the phonetic analysis of speech, or to transfer from one line to another.

How to make out the words into syllables

Instruction how to parse words into syllables

Step 1:

To begin to determine how many vowels in the word - so you learn and the number of syllables as it always coincides with the number of vowels.

Step 2:

If the vowel in the word is only one, and thus will have only one syllable (examples: eye input Dnepr and so on).

Step 3:

Phonetic syllable may contain one vowel or a vowel in conjunction with consonants. Basically syllables in Russian language there are open, that is, ending with a vowel sound or consisting only of a vowel. There are closed syllables that end in a consonant.

Step 4:

Consider the consonant sounds that surround each vowel. Closed syllables are often located at the end of words (examples: the first pack, la-zer, ka-ban, and so on), but may be located in the middle of a word. So all containing the sound "th" words that have a consonant immediately after the "th", contain a closed syllable (example: kai-man, May-ka, ka Zai, and so on). If in the middle of words are unpaired consonant sounds such as "m", "n", "r" or "l", it is necessary to determine whether there is not after them voiceless consonant sound. In this case also forms a closed syllable (examples: pas frames, a pore-st, etc.).

Step 5:

In other cases, a syllable, located in the middle of a word, consider open. The consonants that come after them, are already on to the next syllable (examples: E shka, do rman, che rdak and so on).

Step 6:

Double consonants are located in the middle of a word, pronounced as one, but with a longer duration. Therefore, both the sound related to the next syllable (example: up-CENI co-CENI, all-of-a nd so on).