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How to make teachers' council

Teaching Council is one of the organs of self-government in preschool educational institution (DOW). His conduct is preceded by careful preparation, which involves several stages.

How to make teachers' council

Instruction how to spend the teachers' council

Step 1:

First, fill in the annual plan of all pedagogical advice. They should focus on solving the problem of the year, which is implemented at the current time (thematic pedagogical advice). Allowed to conduct unscheduled pedagogical council, if it requires the situation prevailing in the institution.

Step 2:

On holding the head of preschool teachers' council must issue an order in which it prescribes the preparation stages and assigns responsibility.

Step 3:

Carefully consider the goals and objectives of the teachers' council. It is unacceptable to put a lot of problems, as it will adversely affect the quality of work. Goal setting should be consistent with the current annual task.

Step 4:

In addition, make the agenda of the teachers' council. Item under discussion should not be much, because a large number of issues will not allow qualitatively to study the important points. Also, too much volume information quickly tire council members, which will also reduce the effectiveness of the meeting.

Step 5:

In addition, set the limit of speakers on the agenda items. On the main issues is given 10 - 15 minutes for discussion - 5 minutes. For the conduct of the teachers' council protocol from among the teachers appointed by the Secretary. It should also monitor compliance with regulations.

Step 6:

Carrying out the teachers' council, always start with a brief report on the implementation of decisions of the previous Council.

Step 7:

To solve the problems of the teachers' council conduct a thematic inspection. He will reveal the state of affairs on this issue, see possible shortcomings in the work and identify ways to address them.

Step 8:

At the end of the teachers' council must be submitted a draft resolution. By the total vote, the draft is accepted for execution. If amended and proposals need for it. Ready for a resolution posted an overview of all staff of the kindergarten. This ensures transparency of the decisions taken.

Step 9:

As a result of the teachers' council, head of the preschool shall also issue an order on the outcome of the event.