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How to obtain a certificate of professional accountant

Professional Accountant Certificate in our country is not a binding document for every specialist in this area. However, employers increasingly prefer accountants who have undergone accreditation, and some reputable organizations, applicants for the position of chief accountant without a passport and did not considered.

How to obtain a certificate of professional accountant

Instruction how to obtain a certificate of professional accountant

Step 1:

Qualify for a certificate of a professional accountant, you can, if you have: - a university degree or diploma candidates (doctors) of sciences, specialty "Accounting, Statistics'; - Experience of three years as a chief accountant, a teacher of accounting, the head / deputy head of the financial department or other executive positions, where knowledge of accounting is needed; - The successful outcome of the course "Training and certification of professional accountants" (240 academic hours).

Step 2:

Complete training on the course "Training and certification of professional accountants" you can at the Institute of Professional Accountants of Russia (rus: IPBR) or in one of the accredited training centers. Training is carried out in several directions: the chief accountant, financial manager, accountant, consultant, financial expert consultant. All programs have a volume of 240 academic hours.

Step 3:

Upon completion of training you are given a certificate of the established sample, indicating further education. To obtain a certificate that is not enough - you need to successfully pass the exam.

Step 4:

The examination is conducted in two stages. The first stage - exam in oral and written form. According to the results bidder is allowed, or not allowed to the second stage. Most important, the second phase, held in conjunction with rus: IPBR, where the decision to issue the certificate of a professional accountant.

Step 5:

Obtained a certificate of professional accountant is valid for five years. After this period, a certificate will need to be extended. To do this, you have to become a member of rus: IPBR, pay membership fees, and undergo annual training program (at least 40 hours per year).