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How to overcome the difficulty in reading

The school conducted control over the speed of reading, and not all get good results. Children who read a lot at home, do not have problems at the time of the test. If the child has difficulties arise, and it is impossible to get read, the situation is not hopeless.

How to overcome the difficulty in reading

Instruction how to overcome difficulties in reading

Step 1:

Go with your child to the bookstore. Let him choose an interesting book or several books. Believe me, your costs will be repaid with joy when the baby lift school performance. Unfortunately, some children have never been to the parents in the bookshop. And we still are surprised that they have difficulty in reading.

Step 2:

Do not read the child selected a book aloud. He quickly looks images and his interest in the book will grow cold. Give the child a task - to create a quiz for mom and dad. Explain that you are going to have a family holiday. Mom will cook something delicious. Dad will buy products. A child needs to make a quiz for adults.

Step 3:

Explain to your child that adults know much. To quiz was interesting, it is necessary to ask them the tough questions. Find these questions can be in the book that you bought. Show your child how to find in the book "complex" word and come up with a question.

Step 4:

Agree on a specific date of drawing up the quiz. The child needs to know that it is necessary to have time to read the entire book. If the book is thick, arrange for the preparation of questions on a separate part of the book.

Step 5:

Tell your child that when adults will answer all the quiz questions, they will make your quiz. And they will use this same book. Therefore, everything must be read carefully.

Step 6:

The child can not all happen at once. Reassure him that the burden of responsibility did not spoil the mood. But let them know that he was entrusted with a serious matter and we must bring it to the end. Do not seek it "help"He handle himself.