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How to pass the flyover

If the test passes on the right, many students can not cope with one task, namely to exercise "overpass"Suggesting that the machine must be stopped, and then pull away on the rise. In fact, nothing daunting about that, you just follow the step sequence.

How to pass the flyover

You will need:

car rack

Instruction how to pass the flyover

Step 1:

Stop the car in front of the start line. This line is located directly before the actual construction of the inclined surface.

Step 2:

Now we get a move on and stop before the line "Stop". Going to a very low speed, in this case better to brake in advance when the line will move, then you are taken 5 points.

Step 3:

As soon as you stop, just put the car on a manual brake and brake pedal, respectively release. Otherwise, the machine may start moving back, and if it is a distance greater than 0.3 meters, the penalty - minus 5 points. Moreover, when maneuvering with the brake pedal, you risk not to have time to move your foot on the gas pedal.

Step 4:

Do not release the clutch pedal while the parking brake switch.

Step 5:

Press the gas pedal - not drastically, but very slowly and smoothly, while looking at the tachometer.

Step 6:

When the arrow on the instrument reaches three thousand revolutions per minute (indicated on figure 3), lock the brake pedal and the clutch pedal slowly begin to let go, watching with an eye on the tachometer. Wait until the arrow points to 1000 (preferably slightly more than less) rpm.

Step 7:

Secure the clutch pedal, remove the machine from a manual brake, the vehicle will start moving. Press the gas pedal to the second line "Stop". As in the first case, it can not move, and therefore not remove the foot from the brake pedal when the clutch is released and during all follow-up actions. If the car stalled, get it again and continue the exercise. During this fine 3 points that are not critical.