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How to prepare a report to the diploma

High-grade graduation thesis or a project - still no guarantee of success. Major role in the protection of the diploma plays a competent report on the subject to the Certification Commission. Its preparation is based on simple rules.

How to prepare a report to the diploma

Instruction how to prepare a report to the diploma

Step 1:

Make a plan or a plan-summary of the performance. Plan - a simple designation of points of the report, and the summary of the plan, - addition of numbers, facts and concepts. Reflect in terms of the issues that you consider most important to their work.

Step 2:

At the outset, please refer to the state certification committee greetings, name or subject of the work of the project. Then mark the urgency of the issue under study: its prospects, scientific readiness, problems, existing solutions the way their agreement or disagreement with the points of view on the problem. Expand the subject and object of study, aims and objectives, the methodology of the meeting. Describe the essence of the issues addressed in the project preparation and the conclusions resulting from the study. Indicate the possible ways of improving and resolving the issues raised in the paper, give an assessment of the effectiveness of the proposed measures.

Step 3:

Prepare the full text of the speech in defense of the research paper, read it several times, tweak if necessary. Check that the report fits in the allotted time, usually 5-7 minutes. Rehearse your speech in front of an improvised Commission: family members, friends, fellow students. It will feel more confident in front of an audience. Read out the report before the Certification Commission is not recommended, it is better to speak for himself, occasionally glancing in the plan.

Step 4:

Use visual aids: drawings, diagrams, tables, graphs and charts. If the technical conditions permit, you can arrange a slide show or a short presentation.

Step 5:

Follow the basic principles of preparing a good report: - to withstand logical structure of speech: it must contain an introduction, main and final part - provide ease and readability of the report by listeners - do not complicate it, use the available audience terms and concepts that reveal the essence of the theme - do not overload performance details, describe the basic ideas and tell your own opinion on the issues discussed in the research paper; - operate the exact facts and figures; - use correct and clear language, make specific findings.