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How to prepare for overcurrent diploma

Overcurrent diploma - a dress rehearsal in front of his defense. It is a performance in front of the teachers, during which represented the final wording of the theme of the thesis and reveals its main points.

How to prepare for overcurrent diploma

Instruction how to prepare for overcurrent diploma

Step 1:

Overcurrent protection - an important step towards obtaining a diploma. On how seriously you approach it, it depends largely on your assessment of the work. Only by submitting to the overcurrent final thesis, you will be able to objectively assess the quality and extent of their training on the chosen theme. And get the latest recommendations in order to eliminate existing shortcomings.

Step 2:

Write a thesis. By the time overcurrent protection it must be written correctly framed, approved by your supervisor and graduation printed in several versions, so it was available to all members of the commission.

Step 3:

If you plan to protect additionally show a presentation or give the Commission an illustrated material, prepare them by the overcurrent. This is where you check its value.

Step 4:

Make your statement. It shall disclose the relevance of the theme, goals, objectives and methods of research, the situation for the defense, and the results of the study. Its contents may vary slightly in different educational institutions, so that the details you need to know in advance with your supervisor. Speech should be brief, concise, and understandable as possible to disclose the topic of the diploma. Speaking time - no more than 10 minutes.

Step 5:

Rehearse your speech, it was not necessary all the time to read it. Try to correctly place the pause to focus the audience on the main points and highlight the value of your research.

Step 6:

Think carefully about the potential issues that may arise from the Commission in the course of your story. Answers to them will help you be better prepared to protect the work.

Step 7:

During overcurrent sure to pay attention to the performance of other students. You may notice some points to help you better protect the diploma.