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How to prepare for the Olympic Games in Literature

Olympics for literature - it is always difficult. Creative tasks, job mapping, to identify reminiscences, test questions. In addition, the Competition requires the party in-depth knowledge and skills to think creatively, analyze texts, to express their views.

How to prepare for the Olympic Games in Literature

Instruction how to prepare for the Olympic Games in Literature

Step 1:

Reading the work of art, lead a literary diary in which record title, characters, storyline, interesting quotes and sayings. Specify the number of pages, so you can easily find the right material. Believe me, it is very useful and necessary work.

Step 2:

Read the critical literature, literary articles. But do it right after the reading of the work itself. It is also useful to get acquainted, at least in summary form, with the biography of the writer. This will help you better understand his work.

Step 3:

At the Olympics in literature textbook knowledge will not help you, so learn encyclopedias, popular articles on the subject. Be sure to visit the clubs, tutoring, counseling for literature.

Step 4:

Do not hesitate to ask questions to teachers, to engage in dialogue with the teacher and classmates to express their views.

Step 5:

Write essays on literature are always themselves, not writing off from various sources, without downloading them from the Internet. At first, "external" works is not always better, and secondly, there is no you, your thoughts, feelings and thoughts about the reading of the work.

Step 6:

Find Olympiad tasks on literature from previous years, follow them. Help in this exam and assignments.

Step 7:

Be sure to read and learn basic literary concepts and terms. These you can find in your textbooks, special dictionaries on the Internet. And the lessons of literature teacher, as a rule, explain their significance.

Step 8:

Learn to analyze the literary text as a whole: its theme, composition, key words, motives, details, all of which help to understand the main thing - the idea of ​​the author.

Step 9:

At the Olympics in literature, carefully read the job, do the first ones that believe, and then follow the more difficult task of creative character. Do not get distracted, do not try to help others. Most tasks are many "steps" and points are awarded for each separately, then the points are added together. For example, determine the subject (2 b.) And the idea of ​​the poem (3 b). Describe the lyrical (4 b.). Thus, the task can gain up to 30 points.