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How to prepare for the Protection of the diploma

One of the most critical moments for the entire period of study at the university - the protection of the degree project. That it becomes an indicator of your knowledge and skills, so the preparation for it to be attentive and well in advance.

How to prepare for the Protection of the diploma

Instruction how to prepare to defend the diploma

Step 1:

Start preparing in advance. Engaged in writing a speech for the defense of final qualifying work must begin at least six months before an important event. So you protect yourself from the rush and force majeure, which now and then occur with the protection approach.

Step 2:

Examine your thesis project. Knowledge of its content - the key to a successful defense. If you will be perfectly guided in their diploma, you will not have problems with the answers to the questions of the commission - you just open the desired section and confirm your professionalism accurate data.

Step 3:

Do not lose contact with the head of the degree project. His experience will be useful to you and help you not to blunder in front of the commission. Check with him every new version of the defense speech, discuss the possibility of the presentation and any other issues.

Step 4:

The content of the speech should consist of three main items - introduction, main body and conclusion. Introduction introduces the Commission with the project topic and its relevance, according to the tasks set before you. Justify the choice of subject and move on to the next section.

Step 5:

The main part introduces the content of the heads of the diploma. Describe the structure of work, briefly tell what is said in the sections. Remember that your task - not to retell the diploma, and the committee members are interested in and give their judgment on the results of your research.

Step 6:

Finally, tell us about the results achieved, solving the problems and conclusions to which you have come. An indicator of professionalism will be the inclusion of a few of your personal suggestions on the improvement of the situation connected with the problem posed by the diploma.

Step 7:

Read aloud to complete it. It should take no more than seven minutes, otherwise the commission simply will not let you finish your speech.

Step 8:

Be prepared for questions that are sure to arise from the Commission. In order to know their approximate circle, talk to the manager and to speak at overcurrent. This event is organized specifically to study the reaction of students and teachers present, as well as assistance in correcting deficiencies.