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How to print abstracts

Summary, as well as any written work must be executed in accordance with certain requirements. In Russia, there are common standards that determine the order of writing essays. In addition, in any institution there are recommendations that should be considered when writing his work.

How to print abstracts

Instruction how to print abstracts

Step 1:

font size 12-14 points is selected by writing an essay; Headset Times New Roman, normal; the interval between the lines: 1,5; margins: left - 30 mm, right - 10 mm, top and bottom - 20 mm.

Step 2:

At the end point of the header should be put. The titles should be in bold. In structuring titles commonly used font size of 16 points for the header 1, the font size of 14 points - 2 for the title, italicized font size of 14 points - for the header 3. The distance between the chapter headings or section and then the text of the three intervals.

Step 3:

The structure of the essay is usually the following: Title Page Table of Contents Introduction (1-2 pages): the purpose, objectives, relevance of the topic The main part (12-15 pages): an overview of sources, analysis of the study of literature on the topic Summary (1-3 pages): Conclusions Applications (charts, tables, and so on.) References (sources): 4-12 positions, including Internet sources

Step 4:

be stated with the title page: the full name of the institution; the topic name (without the quotation marks); type of work and a subject (the essay on the history of art); names and initials of the student and the head (teacher); city ​​and year of writing work. Rated ep page on the front page is not put, but in general accounted for pagination.

Step 5:

The text of the abstract, as well as any written work, printed on only one side of the sheet.

Step 6:

References in the lecture are not mandatory, but do the job better. Links can be done in two ways - at the bottom of the page or in square brackets indicating the source for literature list number. Optimally in the abstract point 2 - 8 matches.