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How to protect graduate work perfectly

To receive a diploma, write a final qualifying work is not enough: you need to protect it well. You can expect a high score only in the event that will take place several elements: high quality content of the work, the full disclosure of the topic, confident and professional performance.

How to protect graduate work perfectly

Instruction how to defend a thesis perfectly

Step 1:

Talk to his supervisor the degree of satisfaction with the content of your work. Work through all of the comments received. To get "excellent", your diploma must be a high value as a research or analytical work.

Step 2:

Prepare handouts and presentation to the commission members had the opportunity to get acquainted with your research. Visibility will improve your chances of getting high praise for their work.

Step 3:

Make a text of the speech. In it the following points should be addressed: the relevance of the theme, a contradiction, you put forward the hypothesis and objectives. A problem you have to reveal the contents of their work.

Step 4:

Match the text of the speech before the commission with his supervisor. Accept all changes that will make it into account. Once in front of you will be based on the final version, learn it. Defending try not to read a piece of paper. You will look much more competent, if your speech is clear and correct. If you are not sure that you can do without a clue, take a text from him, but try as little as possible to contact him.

Step 5:

Before protection reread his final qualifying work again. You must be guided well in its structure and content. Any proposal should be clarified by you immediately.

Step 6:

Be prepared for the fact that the members of the state certification committee can ask you questions. Do not worry and be confident. Thank fee for the issue and immediately proceed to the answer. Try to answer all the questions clearly, correctly setting out their thoughts.

Step 7:

Consider the fact that your presentation should last no more than ten minutes, so try to set out briefly but succinctly.