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How to put pronunciation

Many people who start to learn any foreign language, it is believed that the pronunciation - is a secondary matter, you must first master the vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation that's itself will follow. However, in practice it turns out that this opinion is erroneous. Since it is the pronunciation makes it understandable to native speakers. In this case, if your pronunciation is poor, you do not even hope for understanding. There are several methods that allow you to put it.

How to put pronunciation

Instruction how to put pronunciation

Step 1:

To begin, decide what you will learn pronunciation. In all languages, many dialects, so it is logical to learn the standard, conventional pronunciation. Pick textbooks, the blessing now have to choose from. Try to make do exercises proposed aid, if possible, it should be purchased. Language audio materials, which will subsequently be used, should be selected with a specialist. The higher the quality of the record, as well as the smaller speakers have speech defects, the higher your chances to learn good pronunciation.

Step 2:

Getting to work on pronunciation (phonetics), remember that in comparison with Russian, English pronunciation more energetic. And accordingly, the speech organs work more clearly. For example, the end of words in the English consonants never stunned. In addition, alveolar, bilabial or interdental sounds necessary to say, that using the organs of speech, referred to in their name. Yet for the first time this "gymnastics" for the organs of speech is given to students with difficulty. Therefore systematically train their organs of speech. And it will help you a regular pencil. Hold it between his teeth and read aloud any text completely for ten minutes. And read so that all sounds and words pronounced correctly as possible. Do this exercise every day until phonetics classes. Because of this, your organs of speech will become more docile and flexible.

Step 3:

Start listening. It is best to start with simple elements (letters, words, plain offer). After listening to a single element, try to pronounce it. The next step, slow record and once again listen carefully to all the nuances of pronunciation. And at the same slow pace pronounce for a speaker or together with him / her. Then try it yourself. Thus, you should be able to hear all the nuances of pronunciation and play them.

Step 4:

A very effective method of pronunciation productions hear yourself from the side and compare with the original. To do this, make a note of what you say into a tape recorder or a computer. You can compare your speech with a sample and analyze errors, record again.

Step 5:

Do not neglect the various programs that improve pronunciation. Good utility for setting and pronunciation RecordSay ListenRecordSay. But do not rely only on the program. Listen to audio books and watch movies in the original. Maybe so, your pronunciation will be like a real Englishman.