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How to quickly learn German

For quick entry into any foreign language you need to spend quite a serious effort. The same applies to German. However, with the help of numerous electronic resources to do this is quite possible.

How to quickly learn German

You will need:

- a computer; - the Internet; - Teaching aids; - record player; - Recording; - The interlocutor; - Mentor.

Instruction how to quickly learn German

Step 1:

Find an experienced mentor. If you are starting to learn German from scratch and want to learn as quickly as possible, the first time without a professional teacher you can not do. Only he will be able to recommend the most effective materials to enter it. It will act as a consultant and interlocutor, whereas most of the time you will devote to independent study.

Step 2:

Read every day vocabulary explaining new vocabulary values. Take Me 1:00 just for this type of work. Let's say you've found the word hug ( «embrace»). Read the explanation of its meaning in German. You will immediately begin to lay the so speech patterns, even if you do not understand most of the words. Over time, you will be able to simulate all these structures in conversation.

Step 3:

Take a simple book in the German language and start to read it. This task is similar to the previous one. You just need to read without stopping at unfamiliar places and expressions. Its meaning is to maximize to fill your consciousness by German expressions and structures. Do this exercise every day for half an hour.

Step 4:

Make a selection of videos for your level. The site "Materials for the study of the German language" you will find a lot of information on different topics. In the first step, take one big film (transmission) in German and check it 5-6 times. Turn subtitles, if you are very difficult to understand the meaning. But then, just look without them. Give this type of work 2:00 every day.

Step 5:

Follow grammar exercises, based on a structured table. It is very difficult to remember the loose material, which is given in schools by modules, for example, Infinitiv II, Partitip, Futur II, etc. Take a look at the rule and immediately attach it to the exercise. Then try speaking it to his teacher. Compose an oral offer. Just in the course of bug fixes. Do this with each rule.

Step 6:

Practice communicating with native speakers and with their teacher. Once you hit the minimum tongue base after 3-4 weeks of intensive study, start to talk. Let it be, do you think is wrong or bad, but it certainly needs to be done. Each piece of material studied, try to say with a mentor or companion on Skype (or live). Then you can quickly master the German language.