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How to remember the math

Sometimes, to help your child with homework or wanting to go to college a few years after school, we have to remember to re-passed the entire course of mathematics. Make it quite real, it is only necessary to take advantage of a variety of on-line and off-line methods.

How to remember the math

You will need:

- school textbooks in mathematics; - Handbook on elementary mathematics; - access to the Internet; - Tutoring; - Timetable of classes; - notebook.

Instruction how to remember the math

Step 1:

You can use the textbooks for mathematics, but if you need to quickly remember all the basic formulas, axioms and theorems, then the best solution is to choose a good reference, which in compressed form will be submitted to all that explained in great detail in the textbooks. Reference manuals on mathematics can be purchased at any bookstore, both in print and in electronic form.

Step 2:

On the Internet there are many sites, which show all the basic theoretical information and practical examples of both elementary and higher mathematics. In addition, the network can view the video tutorials in math, and even become a member of the school-on-line in preparation for the exam - 2012.

Step 3:

If you assess your knowledge of mathematics as a very weak or practically zero, and the ability to self-education is considered low, refer to the reputed tutor. It will determine your weak areas in theory and practice, and then, using a tried and tested teaching methods, will be able to quickly provide you with an effective quality care. This method is useful in case if you need to restore the knowledge in a short time.

Step 4:

If you still intend to independently recall the mathematical theory and try to practice it in practice, the main condition of your training should be systematic and gradual. Make a schedule for yourself your "lessons", allot them sufficient time, get a special notebook for note-taking key messages and objectives.

Step 5:

Do not handle the next topic, is not fully mastered the previous one. In mathematics everything is interconnected and is built like a multi-storey building, first laid the fundamental knowledge, and then, based on them, built "floors". If at least one of the links in this chain will remain incomprehensible to you, the rest of the theme you are also unlikely to have successfully mastered.