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How to sign the cover sheet

Hard work over control, course or research work has finally been completed. But before you relax and put the keyboard and textbooks, will make the last leap - to issue a title page.

How to sign the cover sheet

You will need:

a computer

Instruction how to sign the cover sheet

Step 1:

We present the most common rules of registration of the title page. But in each case, the requirements may vary, so ask your school, how it made execute handed operation.

Step 2:

First of all, select a headset - it should be Times New Roman. Font and style changes, so we will specify these parameters separately.

Step 3:

The first line is typed full name of the institution. Turn on the justification, put 14 pt. Since the official names are very bulky, they are written in a few lines. On the first point to the type of institution, such as "State educational institution", the second - the part of the name of the institution, which is indicated on the type given by the education there, for example, "higher professional education" (this line is dialed with a lowercase letter, because it is not the beginning and the continuation of the phrase).

Step 4:

On the next line is dialed directly name of the university / college / school - with a capital letter and in quotation marks. After that double padding down.

Step 5:

Keeping justification, email (if available), a division of the institution, that is, enter the faculty, department, code and name of the training areas. Each of these items are on a separate line.

Step 6:

Four times, press the Enter key and turn the Caps Lock, select the 16 point size and bold. Sticking alignment width of the page, type the name of the type of your work - control, course, degree, etc. Take one down padding.

Step 7:

Turn off Caps Lock. Bold is also not necessary, and the size of the letters should be equal to 14 points. Enter "on", put a colon and quotation marks with a capital write the name of your work. Point to the name in any case not intended.

Step 8:

At the bottom of the page, the work is signed. To do this two or three indentation down the name (the distance should be such that this piece of information does not "stick" to the lower edge of the sheet, but not too close to the name of the topic). Leaving width adjustment and 14 pt, write "student" or "student" (or, respectively, the "pupil" / "student"), write your initials and last name on the next line, if necessary, select a group or a class. With the new line, after the word "teacher" or "Head" and imagine him calling, if any, his academic degree or title (they should be in front of the initials).

Step 9:

Next on the left side of the page is written in inverted commas the numbers in words - the name of the month and on the year.

Step 10:

At the bottom of the sheet in the middle of one line are located the city and the year.