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How to teach gosy

State examination at a university or institute - an important and inevitable. To avoid stress, preparation for GOSam must be careful, serious and thoughtful.

How to teach gosy

Instruction how to teach gosy

Step 1:

To effectively prepare for the state examination in advance, make a study plan and follow it precisely. Best of all the remaining time before the exam divided into 2 periods. And in each period Get to know all of the material, with the only difference being that the first time you look at all the issues, and the last time - fix. This allows you to minimize the load and distribute it evenly throughout the pre-examination period.

Step 2:

Proper and reasonable allocation of time to learn the required material already ask certain mood throughout the preparation process. Try to keep this rhythm of work up until the day of delivery gosov. Thus, it will give the opportunity to avoid the psychological pressure in the last few days before the exams, and before you only need to repeat the most difficult topics and issues.

Step 3:

Do not try to cram complex sections. The information should be meaningful, otherwise any excitement may lead to the fact that you can not reproduce the material on which spent a lot of time and effort. A study and development issues, even under stress can build and logically explain.

Step 4:

Take 15-20 minute breaks between classes. This time devote strenuous exercise, jogging or walking. This will help to make the learning process more effective. Keep yourself in a good mood. Pay for a sufficient amount of sleep time. A proper diet rich in vitamins and trace elements - the key to the success of your brain.

Step 5:

Do not be carried away by the excessive consumption of coffee, energy drinks, and even more different stimulant medication. It will not have the desired effect, but on the contrary will increase the nervous tension.

Step 6:

Do not waste your time writing cribs. Believe in your own power and knowledge.