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How to teach your child to write essays

The children have to write essays on different topics almost throughout the school years. On how good texts writes baby depends its performance, as well as literacy, the ability to construct coherent sentences, to express their thoughts, etc. The sooner parents start teaching their child to write essays, the better.

How to teach your child to write essays

Instruction how to teach a child to write essays

Step 1:

Explain to your child that it is insufficient simply to write the theme works, we must also briefly indicate the teacher recommendations. The fact that teachers often give a bad score even a good job just because it does not meet your requirements. Recommendations may relate to the works of the structure, design, content features, use of sources, etc.

Step 2:

Remember, you only have to advise, assist, teach, but do not do the work instead of the child. It's okay if it turns out badly at first. Suppose you think your child is given too difficult tasks, or that he did not have time to write an essay on time. Even the most obedient and responsible children quite quickly get used to the fact that lessons can not do as good parents certainly fulfill all themselves.

Step 3:

Do not allow your child to write an essay immediately in clean copy. Let him make the first draft, then you can read it along with the child, point out the mistakes he made, and help to fix them. Only after the work will be finalized properly, allow to rewrite it in a clean copy. Scrutinized the text, be sure to explain the student what he was wrong and why, but it does not fix bugs in silence. Do it quietly, without reproach, and even more so without swearing, otherwise the process of writing essays turn into torture.

Step 4:

If the child can not write an essay, try to reason with him on the same topic, to build a logical train of thought. For example, if you want to write a standard work about how the baby spent the summer, remind him the most pleasant moments, talk about them, help the child to determine which events need to write and in what sequence.

Step 5:

Do not allow your child to write off other people's texts and teach it to work with the writings of critics. To write some essays are required quotes poets, writers, philosophers, etc., but this does not mean that the student has to do with the presentation of the work of another person. Help him to express his own thoughts, to understand that the source should not be the basis of all the works. First, the child must learn to think for themselves, and secondly, if it is simply overwrite someone else's work in your own words, the teacher is necessarily notice and hardly put a high estimate.