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How to test intelligence

The problem of determining the level of practical intelligence on the minds of people for a long time already. And certainly, any person at least once wondered how he was smart. Today there are many different methods for determining the level of intelligence.

How to test intelligence

Instruction how to test intelligence

Step 1:

Take the time to search for a suitable methodology for determining the level of your intelligence. You can go to the library and see there collections of psychological tests. Even easier to find them on the Internet. It is difficult to choose a really effective and true method of a large number of existing techniques.

Step 2:

To date, the most recognized in the world by determining the level of intelligence is considered to be a test for IQ (IQ-test) developed by Hans Eysenck Jorgen. Therefore, it would be best if you find this is the test and pass it.

Step 3:

Eysenck's Test consists of a number of issues to be solved for the specified time. Typically, the test is given by the passage of 30 minutes is the optimum time for the answers to the test does not affect the start of fatigue. Therefore, it's best to take the test on one of the sites devoted to psychology. Then you will not need to watch out for time and disappears the temptation to extend the test time.

Step 4:

Answers to tasks, as a rule, should include a single number, letter or word. Points in the job represent the number of letters in the missing words. A write to a special line for the task, or the suggested choice questions using numbers or lowercase (small) letters of the Russian alphabet with no spaces.

Step 5:

Do not try, by all means, to solve each task. The test is designed to ensure that cover all ranges of human thought, but any area will be more difficult for you to rest. If you can not quickly answer the question, go to the next, especially since the end of the questions become more difficult. And remember that no one is able to correctly answer all test questions for the allotted time.

Step 6:

At the end of the designated time will be shown on your level of intelligence in the form of index IQ. It ranges from 0 to 160 points. The median is equal to 90-110 points. Such is the level of intelligence of half the world's population.