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How to write a pre-graduation report

In addition to the thesis students in the fifth year and has to write a report on the pre-diploma practice. This document is quite important, because it is assumed that the data obtained in practice, have been successfully applied in your research paper.

How to write a pre-graduation report

Instruction how to write a pre-graduation report

Step 1:

Pre-diploma practice - this is the time when you can use the resulting institution of higher theoretical knowledge as well as to collect information needed to write a practical part of the thesis. Usually the practice is held at various enterprises. In your power to negotiate with any firm on their own or select from a list proposed by the scientific leader.

Step 2:

Sending you on probation, the head of the degree project provides job challenges you defined goals and objectives to be achieved during a stay in practice. This information should be carefully reflected in your work.

Step 3:

At the time of stay in the company report on the traineeship should be your personal diary. Daily record information about what you do on an internship, which have achieved results which tasks are solved and what methods were used in this case.

Step 4:

Since the pre-graduation report - this practical work, there should be as little as possible of theoretical information and as much as possible calculations, formulas, and various charts and graphs to illustrate your work. If you are using formula, the beginning of the report give a description, which means this or that character, which is found in your report. This information you may use in the diploma.

Step 5:

If you have shown in practice on the positive side, and decided to apply your design for later use in the enterprise, such information must necessarily be entered in the report. This will increase your final grade as the report of the pre-diploma, and for graduate work.

Step 6:

In the statement of undergraduate work should be written with a review of the enterprise, where you were trained, as well as a review of your head with proposals for further employment.